A bit about me

  • Since March 2016, I have worked part time with Kodamera in Gothenburg.
  • From October 2010 to December 2014, I served as Executive Vice President of Initiatives of Change International.
  • From 2009-2010 I acted as assistant to Prof Rajmohan Gandhi during his term as President of Initiatives of Change International. This included managing his programme of visits to 15 countries.
  • From 2002-2008 I managed the global internet presence of Intiatives of Change (www.iofc.org), an international charity focusing on trust-building work. In 2008 we moved our custom CMS-based web system into Drupal.
  • Born 12 August 1953, married with two children, and living in Sweden.
  • Since completing schooling in England, worked as a volunteer with the international charity MRA (now renamed 'Initiatives of Change').
  • Extensive international experience including New Zealand, India, Scandinavia and the USA.
  • From 1991-2006 involved in IT purchasing and support for IofC in the UK.
  • Responsible for formal training programmes for young people, 1981-83 and 1995-2000.
  • Commissioning editor & monthly columnist of For A Change magazine (www.forachange.net), 1990-96.
  • International co-ordinator of Foundations for Freedom, a programme of courses aimed at strengthening democracy in Eastern Europe (1993-98).
  • Chair of the national Clean Slate Campaign - a millennium initiative in the UK, 1999 (www.cleanslate.org).
  • Further education:
    Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance, 1983
    Higher National Diploma in Politics & History at Oxford Brookes University, 1994-98.
  • Interests: computers, sport, soccer refereeing, international affairs, walking and climbing, cycling.